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This website is designed to help Minecraft players find out if their account has been hacked. When Minecraft accounts are stolen, they're typically used as a cheap throwaway identity on Hypixel in order to get away with cheating. Using gameplay data, players can use as a tool to find suspicious activity.

Who is CaptainSonic?

I am an American cybersecurity student. I plan to maintain this website for as long as people are using it, even though I left the community some time ago by now. You may check out the changelog for information about when updates have taken place.

How do I keep my account secure?

Getting hacked is incredibly common, but there are ways you can reduce your odds to near-zero:

Use two-factor authentication

Hackers gain access to accounts purely by logging in with correct credentials. This could be your login details or the session token. Hackers will try to get passwords by sending phishing emails pretending to be Mojang or Microsoft to trick you into giving up your password. When you use two-factor authentication, hackers usually can't resort to phishing because they will need to complete a second step to log in, which they won't be able to do. While 2FA is never fullproof, it's a huge help.

Never reuse passwords

Many websites store passwords in a way that if the site should ever be hacked, all of the passwords are leaked. When you use the same password on multiple sites, the damage is significantly larger if one of these sites is breached. You should also avoid using patterns or having any sort of similarities between passwords since this process isn't always entirely automated.

Use long, unique passwords

The best passwords are plentiful in length and uniqueness. In simple terms, a phrase of a few words and maybe a number is a lot more secure than 8 characters of garbled nonsense.

Double-check your emails

Hackers often impersonate companies to steal account data. All communication about your Microsoft account will come from,, or Always verify the sender before clicking links or replying.

Be careful what you download

Less-known software, cheats and hacking tools, and pirated content are all frequently bundled with viruses. Your antivirus won't catch everything, so if you need to download something specific, it's crucial to make sure it comes from a trusted source.

Viruses can come in the form of launchers and mods, too, so make sure to stick only with tried and true game modifications that are confirmed virus-free.

How do you recover from being hacked?

When you think you've been hacked, it's important to change your password as soon as possible. If you use the same or a similar password anywhere else, you should change that too.

As far as Minecraft is concerned, it's a good idea to log into your favorite servers after changing your password. This is because authentication only takes place before joining, so the hacker might still be logged into a server. Logging in will kick them out.

What do hackers do with stolen accounts?

In general, hackers take accounts so they can get data out of them, use them maliciously, or sell them to someone else who will do any of the first two. In Minecraft, stolen accounts are usually sold to cheaters who use ridiculous settings on their cheats to plow through everyone in minutes and they get banned very quickly. They think the power dynamic is fun. Suffice to say, they rely heavily on a large supply of stolen accounts.

Unfortunately, many players aren't aware that these third-party shops are selling accounts that are stolen, so they see it as a great deal and are surprised when either they're already banned or they get banned out of nowhere. Their only options at that point are to either buy an account legitimately or to spend their time doing something else.

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